20190521 new SMT machine arrived  
AIRTLS Increasing production capacity to 1 Million tags/year


20190517 HAJJ umrah 2 million tags project awarded  
AIRTLS 3 years after first demo/pilot the project goes ahead building the largest UWB tracking system on the planet. 2+million tags to be tracked with 1 second update rate in realtime in 2020. A seperate production line to be dedicated for the project

20190426 World first. FiFa-Pro compliant Match sportball  
AIRTLS With a new concept FiFa-Pro standard is achieved with a UWB sensor at the center of the sportball. This exceptional achievement was only possible by combining the european and indian expertise. Electronics is developed and made in europe, balls are manufactured at our indian plant.

20190417 AIRTLS  
AIRTLS AIRTLS BV and AIRTLS sport incorporated. Adding AI and Realworld E-gaming to its roadmap, closing down on community opensource leaves openRTLS brandname no longer active. Sources for tags are still available and support remain for existing OEM base (ABB, Swiss timing, Tag Heuer, Siemens, Bosch, Sendrato), on request new contracts can be established for new mid and large scale OEM entries.

20140114 2kHz MTWR  
AIRTLS openRTLS is the first to achieve 1800 locates/second in multicast TWR. 15 anchors offload the data on the same UWB channel with 60@30Hz. Patent files at EPO for worldwide coverage. Distance 100+ m @6.8Mbps. TDoA update date in wireless mode, 15 wireless anchors at 6.8Mbps: 3780 locates/second